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oct 1, sun

HIGH SCHOOL FELLOWSHIP at the lumpkin's - $free - 6-8pm

oct 6, fri

FALL FLANNEL FORMAL - mens event - for men high school age and up - $10

oct 8, sun

BREAKFAST SUNDAY - for middle & high school sunday-school classes - $free

oct 13, fri

EXIT18 TAILGATE PARTY at the troup/ lagrange game

(Exit18 means it will be in combination with youth groups from all around lagrange)

oct 15, sun

50TH ANNIVERSARY - brunch fellowship & one worship service outside - for everyone

oct 15,sun

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS FELLOWSHIP - at the Bennett's - free - 6-8pm

oct 15, sun

GAME NIGHT AT THE SHED - for middle school students - $free - 6-8pm

at the RBC Youth Shed - 3794 Hamilton Road - LaGrange GA

oct 27, fri

MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS FELLOWSHIP at the Pierson's - $free - 6-9pm

oct 27, fri

MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS FELLOWSHIP at the Wallace's - $free - 6-8pm

oct 29, sun

HIGH SCHOOL FELLOWSHIP - at the Hardigree's - free - 6:30-8:30pm

nov 4, sat

MIDDLE SCHOOL GAME NIGHT - at the Cromer's - 5-8pm - $free

nov 12, sun

BREAKFAST SUNDAY - for middle & high school sunday-school classes - $free

nov 19, sun

HIGH SCHOOL FELLOWSHIP - at the Camp's - 5:15-6:15 - $free

dec 3, sun

ICE SKATING at SWEETLAND for MIDDLE SCHOOL students - $8 - 5:30-8pm

(meet at sweetland)

dec 10, sun

ICE SKATING at SWEETLAND for HIGH SCHOOL students - $8 - 5:30-9pm

(meet at sweetland)

dec 13, wed

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CHRISTMAS PARTY - christmas break till wed, jan 10

dec 17, sun


SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PARTY - $free - at the youth shed - 9:30 & 11am

dec 24, sun

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE - for everyone - $free

ongoing church-wide project

PINE MOUNTAIN KIDS CLUB - every sunday - 4:30-7pm

ongoing church-wide project

DUNSON KIDS CLUB - every 1st sunday - 3-5pm - mission effort to community - $free

ongoing church-wide project

CALUMET KIDS CLUB - every 3rd sunday - 4-6pm - mission effort to community - $free

ongoing church-wide project

CLOCK TOWER KIDS CLUB - every 4th sunday - 5-7pm - mission effort to community - $free


jan 1-3, mo-wed

PASSION - for high school seniors and college students - purchase tickets now

jan 10, wed

WEDNESDAY NIGHT KICKOFF - all wednesday activities start back  - 6:30-8pm

jan 12-15, fri-mo

THINK DIFFERENT CONFERENCE - pigeon forge TN - for high school - $TBA

Scott Dawson, Vance Pitman, Ed Newton, Chris Brooks,  Rush of Fools, Bethany Phillips, Phill Whickham, Switchfoot

apr 1 ,sun

EASTER SERVICE - for everyone

may 5, sat


jun 3-7, sun-th


jun 3-7, sun-th


jun 24-28, mo-fri


jun 27-jul 2, wed-mo

NEW YORK MISSION TRIP + Coney Island & Statin Island Ferry - for everyone - $TBA

july 8-14, sun-sat

MISSION LAGRANGE - for everyone - various projects led by church members - $free

(we will choose 4 days that will be an all day option for teens)



ACTS 28 CHALLENGE - our students are being challenged to read the book of acts by the last wednesday of november.  the challenge is to answer 4 questions for each chapter.  we provide a reading guide as a way for them to keep record of their thoughts and prayers.  they are also encouraged to write their thoughts and prayers in their own journal.  this is a challenge that comes with a reward but my desire is to encourage students to seek the face of Jesus personally.  I believe that if they learn the sound of God's words in their own hearts and minds they will learn the sound of Jesus' voice.  the "acts 28 challenge" is just one way of helping our teens discover how life changing and personal Jesus is.  they are encouraged to ask "what truths do I see", "how can these truths affect what I think and believe", how can these truths affect the way I act" and how can I pray about these truths".  please pray that our teens will treasure this time with God and that they will encounter him in a personal way.  

ARMOR OF GOD CHALLENGE - our students are being challenged to memorize ephesians 6:10-18 by the last wednesday of november.  so many teens share how they are coming to a realization and conviction about sin in their lives and now have a desire to resist temptation. our desire is to see students seeking god first in all things.  god tells us that his word will teach, train, and correct us.  he also teaches that he creates faith in our hearts through the hearing of his word.  we want to help students hide god's word in their hearts so that when they are alone, find themselves in temptation, or simply are trying to live for god, they will hear the voice of the holy spirit through the words they have taken to heart. 

PAUL'S LETTERS - on wednesday nights, students are learning and discussing truths from  paul's letters in the new testament.  we are following the journeys of paul that were described in the book of acts.  on each mission trip he visited regions and cities, made disciples, and encouraged the new church fellowships.  he followed by writing letters to his new christian brothers and sisters to encourage them and help them believe the truth.  we are diving into this journey with our teens and will tackle tough issues along the way.  our teens are discovering this rich awesomeness of god through the stories he has told and the way he has changed our lives because of jesus.  please pray for them as they are challenged to live with boldness and confidence in jesus.  and pray that they will love each other and god's church the way he does. 

BOOK OF ACTS - our sunday-school small groups from 6th grade through 10th grade are walking verse by verse through the book of acts. they are encountering and discussing many truths that help them navigate through the difficult choices and issues they face every day.  this is happening at the same time as our pastor is preaching through the book of acts on sunday mornings.    we pray they will hear our pastor speak through god's word, come to small group to study it again and walk through the letters of paul on wednesdays for a big picture view of gods's heart for his church.  

WORLDVIEW & APOLOGETICS - our 11-12th grade students are working through the "welcome to college" book by jonathan morrow.  this book details and explores subjects like, "can i trust the bible?", "do all roads lead to god?", "the problem of evil and suffering", and "christianity and sexuality".  please pray that our discussions will be gospel centered and will equip our teens to guard their heart and minds in christ jesus and learn to listen to others and lead them to the truth.  

YOUTH TEAM - we have an awesome team of volunteers who have dedicated their time and heart to the teens of rosemont baptist church.  we are richly blessed with people who are walking life in a way that exemplifies godliness and love in front of our teens.  the LORD has chosen people from among our fellowship who love Jesus, love his word, and love our teens.  please join me in praying for them that the Spirit of God will do his work of ministry through this awesome team of missionaries.  




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Past events


may 13

PROVERBS 31 CHALLENGE TRIP - the varsity & sky view in ATL

may 21


(all three services & family banquet)

may 21

END OF SCHOOL BASH - 2:00-7:00 - at west point lake - $free

june 4-8

VBS HIGH SCHOOL - holy spirit theme - 6-8:30pm - $free

june 4-8

VBS MIDDLE SCHOOL - prayer theme - 6-8:30pm - $free

june 4

MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS Pool Party - 12:30-2:30 - at galyon's - $free

june 4

MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS Pool Party - 12:30-2:30 - at lumpkin's - $free

june 9-11

MOUNTAIN WEEKEND - for middle school girls - blue ridge mtn. cabin - $40

june 11

HIGH SCHOOL Pool Party - 12:30-2:30 - at kennedy's - $free

june 25-29

CAMP VIOLA - mission to LaGrange kids - $free

july 16-22

MISSION LAGRANGE - mission trip to LaGrange - $free

july 24-28

SEND CONFERENCE - @ fbc orlando & universal studios - for 9-12 grade - $375

(click here for details and pricing)


ENDEAVOR - 6 weeks on mission

aug 6

MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL Pool Party - 6-9pm - at the kennedy's - $free

aug 13

KICK BALL TEAM PRACTICE - 4-6pm - at granger park - (must sign up in advance)

aug 13

HIGH SCHOOL FELLOWSHIP - 6-8pm - at the hardigree's - $free

aug 19th

KICK BALL TOURNAMENT - for high school students - 8am - free

aug 23


middle school group studies, worship, and activities

high school group studies, worship, and activities

aug 26

BACK TO SCHOOL BASH - stars & strikes in columbus - 1-7pm - $20

for middle & high school students

sept 10, sun

GAME NIGHT AT THE SHED - for middle school students - $free - 6-8pm

at the RBC Youth Shed - 3794 Hamilton Road - LaGrange GA

sept 10, sun

HIGH SCHOOL FELLOWSHIP - at the Lumpkin's - $free - 6-8pm

sept 16, sat

MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS DAY AT THE LAKE - $free - times 9:30am-6:30pm

click here for permission slip

click here for medical release form

sept 17, sun

YOUTH RALLY - for middle & high school - at oakside baptist church - 6-8pm - $free

sept 24, sun

MISSION LAGRANGE DAY - games, food, & clock tower kids club - $free - 3-7pm

sept 27, wed

GLOBAL IMPACT CONFERENCE - del`avant - 6pm - $10