Motivational Ministries

2020 is our 23nd year in full time evangelism. It is our privilege to work out of Rosemont Baptist Church all these years. God has used us on mission trips to Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.  We have served Him in 23 interim pastorates in 23 years as well as in revivals, conferences and evangelism training.  It is now our honor to have Evangelist Jay Hernandez with us.   Jay joined the ministry in April 2014.  The Lord gave us Mexico as our mission target and we go there once a month for a week of evangelistic singing and preaching.  Jay sings and I preach.  Jay translates the message for me.  I give the invitation in English and Jay continues it and finishes it in Spanish.  From April 2014-February 2020 we have traveled the entire country and seen approximately 6,012 first time decisions for Christ!  We give God the glory for the souls who have been transformed by His marvelous grace and look forward with great anticipation to what the Lord has in years to come.

For one more soul,

Evangelists Tom Owensby and Jay Hernandez