9:45 adult sunday school classes

Prayer Saints Class

C200 - Leader: Dave McDaniel - Ages 70+

Prospector's (class B)

C201 - Leader: Mike King  - Ages 50+

We start each class in room 202 for prayer and fellowship with Jack Morman's class.

Prospector's (Class A)

C202 - Leader: Jack Morman  - Ages 50+


C300 - Leader: Terry Oliver - Ages 45-55

Truth Searchers

C301 - Leaders: Edward and Rachel Rodgers - Ages 50+

Common Ground

C302 - Leaders: Butch and Susie Scott - All Ages

Grace works

C307 - Leaders: Jared Humphries and Adam McCurry - All Ages

Cleveland's Class

C308 - Leaders: Russell & Lynn Cleveland - All Ages

Home Groups

We also have several groups that meet throughout the week in homes around Troup County. If you would like more information about those groups, please contact our Adult Ministries Pastor, Jeremy Phillips (jphillips@rosemontchurch.org).