Live Worship FAQ


What time do your services start?

9:30 and 11 AM


Will I still be able to watch online if I’m not comfortable coming to the service?

Yes, we will live stream our 11 am service on Facebook and YouTube. 

What time can I enter the building?

Doors will open approximately 20 minutes before the services begin.  Please remain in your cars until the doors open. 


Are we socially distancing?

Yes, every other row will be sectioned off and social distancing will be followed by leaving 3 empty seats between each family.  Rows will be switched between services so no one will sit in a seat that was occupied by anyone else.

* Once you are seated, please remain in your seat until you are dismissed at the end of the service.

Do I have to wear a mask?

All Rosemont volunteers and staff serving near attendees will be wearing a mask.  You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to wear a mask while in the building.


Can we sit wherever we want during worship?

You will be able to choose either the front seating area or the rear seating area.  Once you have chosen, a greeter will lead you to the next available seat.

Will there be wheelchair assistance?

Yes, wheelchairs will be sanitized before and after each service and a masked volunteer will be happy to assist those in need. 

If I am elderly or have an underlying medical condition, 

do you think it is safe for me to come to church?

In these uncertain times, every person has to make the best health decision for themselves. If you are at all uncertain about attending, please keep enjoying our livestream service in your home and interact online by letting us know you are present. 


What if too many people come to the service?

We will offer an overflow simulcast service in the fellowship hall.  The same social distance procedures will be followed in the simulcast area. 


Will the church be cleaned between services?

Yes, we will clean the worship center between services. 

Will restrooms be available?

Yes, restrooms are available.