MIssion LaGrange

July 8-14

Mission LaGrange is our opportunity to spend a week serving the Lord together at various locations in our community. Find your place to serve, sign up today, and let's work together to boldly proclaim the name of Jesus in both word and deed. 


Calumet Kid’s Event will be Sunday, July 8, from 3-5pm. There will be a basketball tournament and a kickball tournament as well as activities for the younger kids including crafts and Bible story time. Concludes with a cookout for everyone. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Pam Murphy

Sports Outreach

We will partner with the Calumet Ministry at Calumet Park on Sunday, July 8, from 3-5pm. We will be hosting a kickball and basketball tournament. We would love for you to help us minister to kids and adults in that community. Wear sports attire and be prepared to have a good time. If you don’t want to play sports, come and talk with the adults who will be hanging around. This is a great opportunity to pray with them, share your testimony, and connect with people in the community. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Bobby Lumpkin


This project will involve helping out Charlotte and Anton Flores, who live in this community of 33 Hispanic families. They are in the process of remodeling an apartment for 2 missionary families that will be living in this area for the next year. We will also do some projects within the neighborhood and have an afternoon of fun on Wednesday (7/11) for the children who live in that area.  We will minister on Monday morning (7/9), Wednesday (7/11) all day, Friday (7/13) morning, and then any evening that anyone is available to come and help with the apartment renovation. On Wednesday (7/11), we will join the Mona Lane kids  and walk with them to the library (around 12:30pm) and have an afternoon of water games/popsicles.


We need someone who is skilled in building a deck outside of the Flores' apartment to provide space for the kids when they are tutored during the school year (would love to have materials donated).

Apartment Renovation needs: painting, laying wood flooring, hanging blinds, hanging light fixtures, aiding with cleanup, and furnishing the apartment (there will be a list of needs if anyone wants to donate).

Park/Playground Set-Up: Spreading wood chips in playground area, possible landscaping, assembly of jungle gym and picnic tables

Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Wendy Aldridge

First Choice Women's Center

We will meet on Tuesday & Thursday morning (other times are flexible for handyman type work). We also need some people willing to help clean the center. Main Needs: a "handyman" who is willing to do a few odd jobs at the center, including hanging some items on the wall, changing out a faucet, etc. Also, we need 2 men who are willing to pressure wash the building. We also need someone who is skilled to be able to hang a mounting system that they use for ultrasound probes. Click HERE to sign up. 

Contact: Wendy Aldridge

First Responders Outreach

Come and be a part of blessing the First Responders in our community. We will meet on Tuesday, July 10, at 10:00am at the church to prepare the lunches.  We will deliver those lunches to the Sheriff’s office, County Prison, and Government Center from 11:30-12pm and then deliver lunches to the Georgia State Patrol’s Office.  If you cannot come at that time but would still like to participate, feel free to drop off snacks at the church office before Tuesday. We will include those in the baskets left at each location. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Sandra Walker

Laundromat Ministry

We will minister on Monday (7/9), Friday (7/13), and Saturday (7/14) from 8:30-10:30am. Please meet at Ideal Super Suds (beside Ideal Cleaners on Greenville Street). You can also help us by donating quarters, detergent, clorox, and dryer sheets. We will use these to help people with their laundry needs as we serve, listen to, pray for, and share with them. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Pam Sewell

Community Garden

Our Community Garden needs weeding, harvesting, and mulching. We will be there on Monday and Tuesday from 7-9am and 6:30-8:30pm. We also need someone who can help with canning/preserving. Let us know if you can help, and we can give you more details. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Jodi Dowden

Safe Families

RBC partners with this ministry throughout the year. Frozen meals are always a blessing for our Host Homes. Contact Joy Burnham, Resource Family Friend Lead, if you would like to prepare a meal, and she can give you more info about family size, etc. Help is also needed in stocking our resource closet. There is a list of needs in the church office, or you can drop a Love Offering in the offering plate marked “SFFC.” Those gifts will be used to help host homes with unexpected, yet necessary, expenses. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Nicole Kennedy

Nursing Home Ministry

Let’s love on some seniors in our community. We will be working with Activities Directors at various locations homes here in LaGrange including Twin Fountains, Florence Hand, and Lagrange Nursing & Rehab Center. Most activities will be before or after lunch during Mission LaGrange. Sign up today and we can contact you with more details. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Kim Sticher

Pine Mountain Kids' Club

There is a Back-To-School Kid’s Club July 30-August 3 (note date change) from 6:00-8:00pm at the Pine Mountain City Gym. We will partner with L1027 to show the love of Christ to Pine Mountain area students, K-12th grade. There will be a rotation of Bible study, crafts, game time, and snack. Friday night will be a Family Fun Night with food and inflatables.Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Cindy Little

Prayer Walking

You can take part in this ministry anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. There is no specific schedule for this ministry. Participants are encouraged to get out and simply pray as you walk through various parts of the community.  If you’ve never participated in Prayer Walking, it is a great way to allow the Lord to give you a genuine love for the people in our community, to open your eyes to needs, give you a burden to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them, and petition the Father on their behalf. Click HERE for a simple guide. Feel free to call Jeremy if you want more guidance or have questions. Please let us know if you take part in this quiet but very important aspect of Mission LaGrange. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Jeremy Phillips

Personal Outreach

Personal Outreach - We have been entrusted with the Good News of Jesus Christ, so let’s be committed and courageous to share that message with others. As with Prayer Walking, you can engage in personal outreach anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Just get out and share! Be intentional to engage people you meet, and ask the Lord to give you opportunities to share the gospel with them. Click HERE for a guide on how to prepare your testimony. In addition, you can learn one or more of these methods to share the gospel:  ROMANS ROAD , THREE CIRCLES , and ONE VERSE EVANGELISM. Feel free to call Jeremy if you want more guidance or have questions. Click HERE to sign up.

Contact: Jeremy Phillips