Deeper Roots


We want to help you grow personally in your faith and understanding of God's Word. One way we seek to do that is through our Wednesday night classes, called Deeper Roots. In response to the effects of COVID-19, we are currently working to adjust and resume our usual programming as soon as possible.

Despite our current limitations, we still want to provide your with opportunities and resources to help you grow. Below, you will find a list of online classes and resources that are FREE for you to utilize. Most of the classes/studies we have recommended are offered through RightNow Media, which is the world’s largest customizable library of biblical video resources and studies. In order to access those studies, you will need to setup a FREE RightNow Media account through our church. If you do not already have an account with us, please fill out THIS FORM so we can grant you access. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Phillips (Pastor of Adult Ministries): 

Phone: (706) 882-6234, Email:

Books of the Bible & Topical Bible Studies

Dive into specific books of the Bible and important topics


This video companion to The Lamb of God book features ten 40-minute sessions of Nancy Guthrie teaching with contagious passion and theological precision. Her engaging personal stories and authentic conversational style will help any Bible study group effectively study the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (10 Sessions), Bible Study Book (Amazon)

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Broken Saviors

In “Broken Saviors,” Pastor J.D. looks at Judges, a book with some of the most scandalous and strange stories in the entire Bible. Through this scandalous history, we'll see what God can do with the most broken of heroes—and behind every hero, we'll see a God who remains faithful even when we are faithless.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (10 Sessions), No Study Guide/Book

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Nehemiah centers on the Lord's providential protection of His people and the expected response of obedience and faithfulness in prayer and praise. This series Pastor Matt Chandler explores the importance of God's Word, the reality of opposition, God's power to restore broken lives and the need for prayer.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (10 Sessions), No Study Guide/Book

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Join Kay Aurthur as she walks through the book of Ephesians. Chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, targeted by grace, sons of God united in a single family, inheritors, holy, redeemed, forgiven, raised from the dead and seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenlies! How can you not study Ephesians!? Before Paul even hints at how believers should live, he lays a rock-solid foundation: who we are in Christ! If you think you're just a cog in a machine, if you don't know your true identity, then this study is for you. Praise God for what He planned in eternity past and is waiting to reveal to you now. . . through the study of His Word. Learn who and what you are in Christ and you'll want to walk in God's ways the rest of your life!

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (65 Sessions), Study Guide

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Bring Eternity to a way that will change how you live today!

For many people - including many Christians - "Heaven" is a mysterious word describing a place that we can't understand and therefore don't look forward to . But Scripture tells us differently. What we otherwise could not have known about Heaven, God says he has revealed to us through His spirit.

God tells us about our eternal home in his Word, not so we can shrug our shoulders and remain ignorant, but because he wants us to understand and anticipate what awaits us and those we love.

This study contains 12 one-hour sessions that will help you gain a better understanding of our eternal dwelling place. Author Randy Alcorn talks about the pervasive myths and misconceptions about Heaven, and seeks to answer from Scripture the most frequent questions about life on the New Earth.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (12 Sessions)

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In this study, John Piper reveals how the journey to freedom in the Christian life requires a deeper awareness of the expansive reach of God and his extraordinary grace. Victory over sin comes not from a herculean effort to avoid worldly pleasures, but through fixing one's focus on the reality that God is far more desirable than even life itself. His grace is not only past, but future. 

This study taps John Piper's biblical understanding on how a life of purity can be recovered through the power of God's future grace-streaming into our present through faith. Delighting in the bounty of God's promises frees us from sinful patterns, to the glory of Christ!

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (11 Sessions), Book (Amazon), Study Guide

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Learn to see the big picture and build a foundation

Old Testament Survey

In Secret Church 1 David Platt examines a rather large portion of the Bible that many Christians find confusing and even intimidating—the Old Testament. This study looks at the Old Testament in its literary, historical, and theological dimensions, and it offers a survey of all 39 books. As we’ll see, there’s more here than a collection of good moral principles and examples. The God-inspired words of the Old Testament point us to Christ, to His church, and to God’s plan for all nations.

* Resources: Videos on (4 Hours), Videos on RightNow Media, Study Guide

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New Testament Survey

In Secret Church 2 David Platt offers a tour of the entire New Testament, including an overview of each of the 27 books. The literary, historical, and theological dimensions of the New Testament will be examined in this survey. We’ll see how the New Testament fulfills what was anticipated in the Old Testament, shining a spotlight on the King, Jesus Christ, and the gospel of His kingdom.

* Resources: Videos on (4 Hours), Videos on RightNow MediaStudy Guide

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52 Major Stories of the Bible

The Bible is one continuous story filled with adventure, heroes and villains, triumph and defeat, good and evil, love and jealousy, plot twists and ultimately, a happy ending. As you read each of the short Bible stories along the way, you begin to see how the Bible stories combine to form the structure of the one big story. The individual characters and their experiences of tragedy and triumph draw you into their Bible stories and help you see the overarching themes of cosmic love, judgment and redemption.

Telling stories is an effective way of communicating ideas so you remember them. Immersing yourself into the 26 Bible stories from the Old Testament and 26 from the New Testament helps you to understand and internalize the character of God, the splendor of his creation, his love for humans, the evil and destructiveness of sin, the wonder of the plan of redemption and the completeness of restoration at the end of history.

Each of these stories can be considered as Bible stories for kids because the plot and main teaching of the story is something that most children will understand. They are also Bible stories for youth and adults because if you are wise, the examples you see and the lessons you learn will guide you for a lifetime.

* Resources: Videos (You will need to set up a free account with to access the videos)

How to Read Your Bible

The Bible may be the most-purchased book in the world, but it is often the least read and least applied due to a basic lack of understanding and motivation on the part of readers. 

How should we read a story of the Old Testament differently than we read a letter from Paul? How can we engage these various parts of Scripture in a way that is truly life-changing? As we better understand how to read the Bible skillfully, we begin to see how every person of the Bible, every psalm, and every teaching fits into the Bible’s powerful, overarching story, and we begin to realize our place in the story God is still writing in the world.

Dr. George Guthrie facilitates this college-level class on how to study the Bible inductively, which emphasizes the most basic tools, principles, and processes for moving from the sound reading of the Scriptures to application.

* Resources: Videos (You will need to set up a free account with to access the videos)

Systematic Theology I

What value is there to attempt to know the unknowable or to try to understand someone that, by their own description, is beyond our understanding?

Even though we cannot know everything there is to know about God, there are some things you can know because he has revealed them to you. You can develop a systematic theology as you contemplate what you experience in nature, what you can read in the Bible and what you can know from history. This will give you insights into who God is, how you can have a relationship with him, and how you will live your life differently.

This is the first of a two semester class on systematic theology. We recommend the book Systematic Theolgy by Wayne Grudem as a companion book for this class. Dr. Grudem also wrote an abridged version entitled Bible Doctrines that includes discussion questions that are helpful for using in a small group/classroom situation.

* Resources: Videos (You will need to set up a free account with to access the videos)

Apologetic & Evangelism

Learn to defend your faith, understand other worldviews, and live missional

THe Reason for God

This six-session Bible study captures live and unscripted conversations between Tim Keller and a group of people to address their doubts and objections to Christianity. Using literature, philosophy, and Scripture, Keller and the group explore the truth of Christianity.

In his New York Times bestselling book The Reason for God, Timothy Keller established himself as a modern-day C. S. Lewis who brings together faith and intellect, theology and popular culture, modern-day objections and historic Christian beliefs.

Christians will be challenged to wrestle with their friends and neighbors’ hardest questions, and to engage those questions in ways that will spark an honest, enriching, and humbling dialogue. Capture a live and unscripted conversation between Timothy Keller and the six panelists discussing their objections to Christianity. This study will help small groups and individuals dig deeper into the objections of the Christian faith and to learn about both sides of the issues.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (6 Sessions), Book (Amazon),  Discussion Guide

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Confidently and gracefully defend your faith. In this updated and expanded video study, radio host and founder of Stand to Reason Gregory Koukl draws on his extensive experience defending Christianity in the public square to show participants how to (1) effortlessly initiate conversations about faith; (2) clearly, cleverly, and persausively present the truth; (3) graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking; (4) skillfully manage the details of dialogue; and (5) maintain an engaging, disarming style even under attack. Designed to be used alongside the Tactics, 10th Anniversary Edition book and updated and expanded Tactics Study Guide, this video study provides a real-world game plan for communicating the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (8 Sessions), Book (Amazon)

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The Gospel Comes with a House key

What did God use to draw a radical, committed unbeliever to himself? Did God take her to an evangelistic rally? Or, since she had her doctorate in literature, did he use something in print? No, God used an invitation to dinner in a modest home, from a humble couple who lived out the gospel daily, simply, and authentically.

With this story of her conversion as a backdrop, Rosaria Butterfield invites us into her home to show us how God can use this same "radical, ordinary hospitality" to bring the gospel to our lost friends and neighbors. Such hospitality sees our homes as not our own, but as God's tools for the furtherance of his kingdom as we welcome those who look, think, believe, and act differently from us into our everyday, sometimes messy lives- helping them see what true Christian faith really looks like.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (13 Short Intros), Book (Amazon)

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God wants disciples of Jesus to make other disciples of Jesus. Join Francis Chan, best-selling author and founding Pastor of Cornerstone Church, and David Platt, author and Pastor at The Church at Brook Hills, in this 5-part course—a simple, practical, biblical, helpful, and personal resource to help you understand Scripture and give you the tools to disciple others.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos, Multiply WebsiteBook (Amazon)

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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, author Nabeel Qureshi takes viewers deep into apologetics and evangelism among Muslims through powerful storytelling and personal experience. In eight sessions of about 30 minutes each he explores Muslim culture, the most common Muslim objections to Christianity, and the core doctrines upon which Islam stands or falls. Compassionate and clear, Nabeel’s lectures will be a useful training tool for pastors, outreach leaders, and any believers wanting to winsomely engage Muslims in spiritual conversations. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Video Study develops in further detail the objections to Islam and case for Christianity that Qureshi introduced in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. When used with the accompanying Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Study Guide, this lecture course is perfect for adult classes, small groups, segments in college or seminary courses, and motivated independent learners alike.

* Resources: RightNow Media VideosBook (Amazon), Study Guide (Amazon)

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Marriage & Family

Practical studies to strength your marriage and parenting skills

Your Time-Starved Marriage

After resolving communication meltdowns, finding time together is the number one relational need of most couples. Where does time go? We try to make it. Save it. Seize it. Buy it. And borrow it. And yet time continues to elude too many couples. 

The moments you miss together are irreplaceable; gone forever. 

In this six-session series, relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott will help you better manage the priceless resource of time. They will show you how to reclaim the time you’ve been missing and how to maximize the moments you have together. This is not about being more productive, but about being more connected.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (6 Sessions), Better Love Assessment,  Workbook

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Love & Respect

Excited yet burdened about male and female relationships, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his wife Sarah launched the Love & Respect Conferences in 1999. Based on over three decades of counseling as well as scientific and biblical research, this conference has given hope and new life to thousands of marriages.

This study is perfect for individuals, couples, or small groups. There will be three major questions asked and answered in the 6+ hours of content:

Why do we negatively react to each other in marriage? This will be explained in what is called the Crazy Cycle.

How do I best motivate my spouse? The Energizing Cycle answers this question.

What if my spouse does not respond to me? The Rewarded Cycle informs us what to do.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (10 Sessions), Book (Amazon),  Workbook

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The Mingling of Souls

Matt Chandler and The Hub have partnered together to write, film, and produce a brand new, updated curriculum of The Mingling of Souls- a study of love, dating, marriage, intimacy, and redemption based on Song of Solomon! All new from the ground up, your group will be able to enjoy this new video series and study guide in conjunction with Matt Chandler's new book The Mingling of Souls: God's Design for Love, Marriage, Sex & Redemption. In a culture where the foundations of attraction, love, marriage, and sex are rapidly eroding, Matt Chandler offers an eternal, counter-intuitive perspective from the biblical book Song of Solomon. Scripture says we're to nurture our hearts above all else- yet we are inundated with songs, movies, and advice that contradicts and cheapens God's design for love and intimacy.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (10 Sessions), Book (Amazon), Study Guide

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Sacred Parenting

Parenting is a school for spiritual formation- and our children are our teachers.

In this six-session video-based small group bible study, Gary Thomas uses a unique lens to look at parenting, moving beyond raising great children to becoming more holy as a person.

What if one of God's primary intentions are you as a parent isn't about successfully raising perfect children, but about you becoming more holy? In Sacred Parenting Gary Thomas illustrates how God can transform lessons in raising children into opportunities to grow in the image of Christ.

It will help you and your group, rediscover parenting from a different perspective: as a method of spiritual formation expressly designed by God to shape your soul in ways you could not imagine! This study will help you dig deeper into learning how God can transform dirty diapers, toddler tantrums, and a teenager's silence into occasions for becoming more like Christ.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (6 Sessions), Book (Amazon), Participants Guide

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Raising children in a tech-obsessed social media world is tough. What limits do you put on it? Is it safe? Why can't kids just put their phones down?

Engage is a five-lesson, practical course hosted by Kirk Cameron that will help you navigate parenting in a social media age. Packed with expert interviews, a hands-on study and resource guide, downloadable tools, and biblical principles, it's the ultimate tool for not just surviving but thriving as a parent in today's culture and engaging your children on such a crucial topic.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (11 Sessions), Study Guide

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It Starts At Home

Who is shaping what your kids believe? 

In these busy, hectic days we take our kids to sports practices, games, music lessons, school tutoring and other activities to give our children the best opportunities for success. But what if we're missing the chance to teach them what matters most?

Our children can grow up smart, athletic, popular and polite but lack a vibrant relationship with Christ. The few hours they spend in church each week can be helpful, but it cannot nurture a faith in our kids that will withstand the trials that are on the horizon. Church alone cannot teach them, we must start at home. But many parents feel ill equipped to develop the faith of their children.

In these six sessions, we will explore biblical and tangible ways that parents—couples, single parents, blended families and grandparents—can build a legacy of faith for their children.

Each Bible study session includes interviews with everyday parents talking about their own doubts, fears and desires. Gary Thomas, Matt Chandler, and Kurt and Olivia Bruner provide powerful teaching that will help you give your kids what they need to build a solid framework for lifelong faith.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (6 Sessions)

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Stewardship & Finances

Learn to be responsible with the resources God has entrusted you with

The Treasure Principle

Jesus told a story about a hidden treasure that, once discovered, brought life-changing joy. In this new video series based on the best-selling book, The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn unearths a simple yet profound principle that will radically change your concept of stewardship. Short on guilt, Alcorn illuminates the liberating joy of giving and its impact, not only for today but for eternity as well. 

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (4 Sessions), Book (Amazon), Bible Study Book

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God's Economy Vs Man's Economy

Don't be fooled. Getting out of debt or on a budget can't change your life. A healthy 401k can't change your life. A renewed U.S. economy can't change your life.

But discovering and living in God's economy can change everything! 

Chuck Bentley walks you through 9 brief lessons that explain how 3 principles: Lordship, Stewardship and Generosity working in synergy impact every area of your life. 

When you practice these principles, you will see changes in your marriage and relationships, in your career or studies, in your prayer life and church involvement.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (9 Sessions)

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Creating a Spending Plan

Quick. Help. Now. Sounds like everyday life doesn't it?
Financially speaking, one of the best "quick, help, now" things you can do to reach your financial goals is to create and follow a spending plan. It's not about restraining you – it's about freeing you! But, where do you start?

In less than two hours, Creating a Spending Plan provides quick, practical help by applying God's wisdom.

What you will learn:
Why a plan can be your best offensive strategy
The best way to get started
Practical tips and techniques for success
How to live and achieve your goals

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (3 Sessions), Manual

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Managing Our Finances God's Way

Did you know there are over 2,350 verses in the Bible about money? Did you know that nearly half of Jesus' parables are about possessions?

The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. In fact, Jesus had more to say about money than about heaven and hell combined.

Co-developed with Purpose Driven Ministries and Pastor Rick Warren, this seven-week, video-based, small group study, provides another option for studying biblical financial management in a personal or small group setting.

* Resources: RightNow Media Videos (8 Sessions), Workbook

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